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To order by mail:  Wait till this page has fully loaded then you can print this page.
Then fill out the form and mail the it with your payment to Horse Feathers Graphics

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Product Description Qty Price Totals
Western Clipart Vol #1   ___ Mac  or  ___ IBM PC Windows   $29.95  
Western Holiday Vol #2  ___ Mac  or  ___ IBM PC Windows   $29.95  
Western Events Vol #3   ___ Mac  or  ___ IBM PC Windows   $29.95  
English Riders Vol #4     ___ Mac  or  ___ IBM PC Windows   $29.95  
Send Free brochures for ___friends & ___club members.   Shipping $4.00
We ship any amount anywhere for $4.00   Sub Total      
Washington State Residents add 8.1% tax         Total in USA Funds      

Order by mail: Print and fill in form when it has fully loaded and mail with your payment to:
Horse Feathers Graphics

N. 27310 Short Road,
Deer Park, WA 99006

Order by  phone: Call  509-276-6928 We take Master Card or Visa Card orders
by phone or mail.

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