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English Volume 4

English Clipart Volume 4 by Horse Feathers Graphics. 
Any thing done in an English saddle is probably on this disk, English riders, jumpers, bits, hats, horseshoe, ribbons, gaited horses, carts, race horses, polo and more.

Anything done in an English saddle plus beautiful show horses and gaited horses of many breeds

Over 130 graphic designs and full page matching borders work together for a great English look.  This is a great graphic mix of English riders, Horse Show, Dressage, Race, Jumping, Hunter with fox and hounds, Three Day Eventing, Polo, Jumps, and Endurance, Gaited horses, plus breeds in costume, horses, hats, show ribbons, carriages, wagons, and riders of all kinds.  This package covers the wide variety of the English riding and related subjects that our customers have been asking for. 

You can Impress your club members and friends with the great jump course layouts and show sheets that you can create with the graphics in this package and any publisher.  You'll have the art you need to cerate all kinds of publications for your favorite English events and you won't have to hunt for it.

The graphics in this package are full screen size to give you a smoother print for use with publisher programs and word processor that can resize a graphic and place text boxes. 

Action packed designs for almost any English activity, event, club, business or organization you may be involved in.  You will be able to find the graphics you need for your English Show and Event publications.

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NOTE: The graphic on this page is an interlaced GIF file set up for fast loading and on screen viewing and may not properly represent the graphics when printed.

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