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Western Clipart Volume 1

Product Image

An Old Western Horse Show and Rodeo
Clipart Package.

This disk has a little of everything western, rodeo, Indians, English gaited riders, brands, wagons, horses, cattle, gunfighters, riders, saddles, and more.  Over 200 files of graphics, with matching quarter page size thin line borders for small ads and cards, plus lines, and columns of graphics to create your personalized full sized borders.  The Graphics in this package are just the right size for small things like name tags, labels, greeting cards, business cards, gift tags, letterheads, news letters, and Home Page design.  The graphics come quarter page size graphics are great for cutting, pasting, editing and making scenes with.  The icon size is great for making web buttons and full page borders. 

You can edit and color the art with any Macintosh or Windows paint programs.  The Western Clipart graphics also make great sewing patterns for collars, cuffs, fabric edges, and baseball caps.  I am continually amazed at the uses people find for our graphics.   These graphics are ready for use in your publisher programs, card shop programs, label making programs, word processor programs or any program that uses graphics.

HOT TIP:  If you are currently using a word processor to make news letters, flyers or show sheets you are working too hard, step up to a publisher program that is where it all comes together.  You can do a lot more with any graphics package if you have a desktop publisher program to make all your projects fun, fast and easy. 

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NOTE:  The graphic on this page is an interlaced GIF file set up for fast loading and on screen viewing and may not properly represent the graphics when printed.

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