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Western Holiday Volume 2

prodw2.GIF (127664 bytes)

Seasonal graphics of the fun things 
you do with horses.

This disk is over flowing with over 90 designs that cover more then 40 Western and regular Holidays done in a western or horsey style.  This is a great package for any horse lover.

We have included Memorial Day, Forth of July, Cinco De Mayo, Show Season, Breeding Season, Foaling Season, Settler Days, Rodeo, Western Wedding, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more.  You have never seen the Holidays done like this before. Plus Western fun stuff like Hay Rides, Sleigh Rides, Western Dancing, Western Singers.

The graphics  in this package are full screen size to give you a smoother print for the now programs that can resize a graphic. 

The full page fax sheets and borders graphics match the graphics for a great look in your year round publications.  This is a must have if you want to spice up your news letters, cards and posters all year long.

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NOTE:  The graphic on this page is an interlaced GIF file set up for fast loading and on screen viewing and may not properly represent the graphics when printed. 

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